Call for Entries

Deadline 12th January 2019
To be eligible, short films:


must be no longer than 20 minutes
(including opening and closing credits)


have no limit for what concerns
genre and themes


can come from any nation and be in any language
(if with English and/or Italian subtitles)

bando icona 2019

must be made after
1st January 2017


must not be music videos,
advertisement or industrial films
▶️Submit through the website
1. we will contact you on the email you provided
2. if you subscribed through the website, you must first fill out the entry form
3. we will ask you to send the following materials: 



(pdf, jpg, png, tiff)
1. The screening authorization duly filled out and signed.
2. Three (3) frames of the short film.
3. One (1) picture of the director.


(pdf, doc, txt, odt)
1. Short synopsis (maximum 300 characters).
2. Biography and filmography of the director.
3. Cast and crew.
4. Script (or subtitles) in English including timecode in .ssa or .srt format is
required for films in other languages than
(Documents must be written in Italian and/or English)



(mov, mp4)
(through a link for download, including password if necessary)
1. One copy in zipped MOV or MP4 format encoded with H.264 codec.
2. Trailer (not mandatory but appreciated if available).
1. Location and dates
1.1 The fourth edition of the Ennesimo Film Festival (“Just -one-more Film Festival”) will be held from May 3rd to May 5th 2019 at Astoria Theater in Fiorano Modenese (Modena, Italy). The screenings will be open to the public and free of charge.
1.2 Ennesimo Film Festival is organized by Tilt Associazione Giovanile with support from the Fiorano Modenese Town Council and sponsored by the Emilia Romagna Regional Council, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Modena and Arci Modena association.
2. Prizes and panel of judges
2.1 The panel’s decisions will be final.
2.2 There will be only one winner for each selected category.
2.3 The amount of money for each prize will be announced during the year and before the disclosure of the Ennesimo official selection.
2.4 No prize money will be awarded for special mentions.
2.5 The following prizes will be awarded:
• ENNESIMO CRITICS’ CHOICE PRIZE will be awarded to the best short film of the Ennesimo official selection by a panel of judges from the world of cinema, communication and teaching. The panel will work independently from the festival organization and in compliance with its rules. The artistic direction, if necessary and upon request from the members of each panel, can be consulted for advice regarding merely technical and procedural matters. Anyone who has taken part in the production or in the selection of the works cannot be a member of the panel.
• ENNESIMO PEOPLE’S CHOICE PRIZE will be awarded to the best short film of the Ennesimo official selection by a people’s panel chosen from the audience attending on the nights of the competition.
• ENNESIMO YOUTH MENTION will be awarded to the best short film of the Ennesimo Youth selection by a panel made up of the students involved in the project “Non è l’Ennesima Giornata di Scuola” (“This is not going to be just-one-more day of school”).
2.6 The prizes will be announced and awarded on the final night of the Ennesimo Film Festival.
3. Eligibility
3.1 Works up to 20 minutes in length (including opening and closing credits) are eligible for the competition with no limits regarding themes and genre.
3.2 Short films from any nation and in any language are eligible for the competition.
3.3 Only works produced after January 1st 2017 will be admitted to the competition.
3.4 There are no limits regarding the number of works that can be presented, as long as all applicants fill out the relevant entry form.
3.5 No participation fee is required.
3.6 No music video, advertisement or industrial film will be admitted.
3.7 All works will be selected by the artistic directors and by other members of the festival organization, who form the selection committee.
3.8 the works submitted to this call, even though excluded from the official selection, could be used for other cinema themed Events. These will be organized during the whole year By tilt associazione giovanile, in collaboration with national
Cultural events. In this case the directors concerned will be Contacted and asked for the authorization to the screening.
4. Submission of the works
4.1 The works can be submitted using the web portals as specified in the dedicated section of our official website:
4.2 The final deadlines for the submission of the works are the following: January 12th 2019.
5. Selection
5.1 20 works will be selected for the Ennesimo official selection and 9/10 works will be selected for the Ennesimo Youth Selection.
5.2 Once the works have been selected, all relevant authors and directors will be notified by email.
5.3 The producers of the short films must complete the entry form in full and submit the materials required. Any failure in the submission process will result in being excluded from the competition.
5.4 The selection of the works must be kept strictly confidential until the announcement of the official program of the festival.
5.5 Applicants who have not been selected won’t receive any notice from the festival organization. A list of the selected works will be disclosed on the above-mentioned website, in the national press and on our social network pages.
5.6 The materials submitted during the selection phase may be used by the press (including online media), which will be in charge of writing articles related to the 2019 edition of the festival and by the festival organization itself, which is therefore authorized to post the contents on the official website and on all social media channels. Audiovisual abstracts no longer than 15 seconds for each work, who have been selected by the festival Press Office possibly with respect to the indications given by the authors and directors themselves, can be used by radio and local television to create reports on the 2019 edition of the festival and also by the festival organization itself, which will publish the information on the official website and on social media channels.
6. Materials and copyrights
6.1 All materials submitted for the competition will become part of the festival archive and also of the Tilt Associazione Giovanile video archive.
6.2 Every year, Tilt Associazione Giovanile organizes the so-called “Ennesimo Tour” to present the short films to the widest possible audience and the festival organization commits itself to using the materials exclusively for cultural purposes and for events related to the festival.
6.3 In order to protect the rights of the authors and producers involved, no work will be used for commercial purposes. The authors’ consent will be required for any use other than that specified herein.
6.4 The festival organization will adopt all necessary measures to protect the copyrights of the works entrusted to it, in compliance with the legal provisions governing audiovisual piracy.
7. Acceptance of the rules
7.1The participation in the festival is strictly subject to compliance with its rules.
7.2 the registration to this call entails the inclusion of the applicant’s data in the festival’s database. This will be used for the newsletter in case of official announcements.
7.3 All applicants are required to guarantee that they are lawfully entitled to submit their materials to the festival.
7.4 The artistic direction has the right to settle all the issues that fall outside the rules previously mentioned and to waive them in particular, well-motivated cases.
7.5 If necessary, the festival organization reserves the right to modify the rules (for example in relation to prizes and data).
7.6 Any dispute or claim arising from personal interpretations of the rules will be settled according to that specified in the original Italian document.
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