SATURADAY 5th May at 1 pm
at Ristorante La Coccinella
Piazza delle Rose 2, Fiorano Modenese
Info & requests
non è l'ennesimo ospite
Have you ever dreamt about having breakfast with a younger Sofia Coppola or tucking in the next Martin Scorsese?
Realized in partnership  with the municipality of Fiorano Modenese, Non è l’Ennesimo Ospite is a hosting project to offer hospitality to the 2018 finalist filmmakers. This unique experience gives you the opportunity of hosting in your own home one of the finalists
of the Festival, getting a chance to become familiar with them and their stories. Besides accompanying the filmmakers to the screening nights, the hosting residents contribute to strengthen the sense of community and participate in the knowledge exchange among different cultures.
We are organizing a public lunch which will allow you to meet our guests!
Contact us at ennesimoospite@ennesimofilmfestival.com and join us on Saturday 5 May at 1 pm at Ristorante La Coccinella (Piazza delle Rose 2, Fiorano Modenese) to share this fantastic experience.
julian fioriti primo ospite ennesimo film festivalJulian Fioriti – Our first guest – Ennesimo Film Festival First edition


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