11 Italian Première and 1 Foreign Première

Even this year we are really proud to announce that in the 2 sections in competition (Official Selection and Youth Selection) 11 Italian première and 1 foreign première will be screened.


What does Italian première mean?
It means that the authors and producers of these films have chosen Fiorano and Ennesimo Film Festival to project their films for the first time in Italy! This is definitely something to be proud of, thanks also to the great work of our Selection Committee, this year composed  by Federico, Mirco, Luca and Antonio.

Here the 11 première:
Big city (2016) by Jordan Bond and Lachlan Ryan (Australia)
After Life (2016) by Prisca Bouchet and Nick Mayow (Finland)
CUBS (2016) by Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir (Iceland)
Wren Boys (2017) by Harry Lighton (UK)
7 planets (2018) by Milda Baginskaitė (UK)
Klem (2017) by Mathijs Geijskes (Olanda)
Emily must wait (2016) by Christian Wittmoser (Germany)
Mrs. Mccutcheon (2017) by John Sheedy (Australia)
Karl (2017) by Thomas Scohy (France)
Night (2017) by Joosje Duk (USA)
Telephone (2018) by Muhammad Bayazid & Samah Safi Bayazid (Syria)
And the foreign première?
Foreign Première means that it is projected for the first time outside the Country of production.
The film is In the woods shot in Germany in 2018 by Frédéric Hambalek

But be careful, because as Mirco always says:

«Either we were very good at the selection
or nobody wanted to project them!»

Which one of these two versions do you believe in?
We are waiting for you at the Astoria Theater to find it out!