A movie in an illustration

Mixture between cinema and other expressive languages is nothing new. Probably aware of this concept, British Accademy of Film and Television Arts, also known as BAFTA, commissioned Hungarian illustrator Levente Szabó  with creating 5 cover artworks depicting the nominees in Best Film category for their 2016 brochure. From the infamous bear in The Revenant to JB Donovan in Bridge of Spies. Each movie character was digitally drawn to capturethe essence of the film by superimposing images.

What about the result? Let us know what do you think about!




la grande scommessa -levente-szabo-ennesimofilmfestival-inspiration-illustration-bafta
Big Short

il ponte delle spie- levente-szabo-ennesimofilmfestival-inspiration-illustration-bafta
Bridge of Spies

revenant-levente-szabo-ennesimofilmfestival-inspiration-illustration-bafta The Revenant