1. The contest


  • “Ennesimo Contest” was born to fulfil the desire of Scarabeo Entertainment to support the production of a 60-second promotional spot for the Bertozzi e Casoni Museum in Sassuolo (Mo). The video is supposed to advertise the activities and the heritage of the museum in a creative and original way, addressing the general public.
  • The Contest is organized by Tilt Associazione Giovanile, in collaboration with Scarabeo Entertainment. It takes place in the frame of Ennesimo Film Festival, our international short-film kermesse.
  • The contest will be open on 13th April and will end on 15th July 2019 at midnight. All videos sent after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.
  • All participants will be able to visit the Bertozzi e Casoni Museum during the regular opening times – on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3 to 7.30 p.m.- as well as on the occasion of special openings. Dedicated visits with the organizers will take place on 10th, 11th, 12th, as well as on 17th, 18th, 19th May from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • At the end of the contest, the winning promotional spot will be presented on a public dedicated event, taking place in September 2019 in Sassuolo.
  • The contest is addressed to all authors under 35 of all nationalities.
  • There is no limit to the genre of the projects submitted.
  • There is no maximum number of ideas you can submit, but a registration form must be filled in for every of them.
  • Participation is completely free.
  • To sign up for the contest, it is necessary to send an email to (in A4 Format, Times New Roman, font size 12) and attach these documents, either in .doc or .pdf format:
  • Attachment A – the subject/idea (minimum length: 5 lines; maximum length: one page)
  • Attachment B – director’s guidelines, such as the stylistic approach, the director’s intentions, etc. (minimum length: 5 lines; maximum length: one page)
  • Attachment C –biography and filmography of the director who will be filming the video and the production company, if there is one (maximum length: one page)
  • Attachment D – to be filled in in all of its parts and to be downloaded at this link:
  • Valid ID card of the person who is presenting the project.


  1. Prizes and Panel of Judges
    • The decisions of the Panel are to be considered final. The Panel of judges will be composed of the Scarabeo Entertainment team.
    • Prizes for participants in a tie are not allowed.
    • The winner will be publicly announced within the 2nd of  August 2019.
    • A prize of 3,000 euros is allocated to the best submitted subject. This sum will be paid off by Scarabeo Entertainment, once the definitive file of the promotional video to be projected will be delivered.
    • The Panel is composed of the Scarabeo Entertainment team and will operate independently. The organization of the contest (Tilt Associazione Giovanile, Ennesimo Film Festival) will not be involved in choosing the winner in any way, the organization’s opinion may be requested for technical questions, external from the final choice.
    • The jury reserves the right to pre-select some scripts and asking for a in-depth interview in order to explore technical and realization feasibility of the proposals in competition.


  1. Eligibility of the projects
    • Only original ideas are admitted in the contest. They can be written either in Italian or in English.
    • To be an original idea, it must be new and written by the participant.
    • The promotional video can be filmed in a foreign language, provided that both Italian and English subtitles are created in occasion of the public presentation.
    • The organization will not communicate with non-winners. The name of the winner will be published on our website and on the social media profiles of both Ennesimo Film Festival and Scarabeo Entertainment.


  1. Winner’s obligations
    • The winner is signing an agreement with Scarabeo Entertainment; he/she must commit to filming the promotional video within 10th September 2019 and presenting it in a public event at Bertozzi e Casoni Museum in Sassuolo in September 2019.
    • Not producing the promotional video will lead to penalties, which are to be specified in the agreement referred to in point 4.1.
    • In the last frame of the promotional video, both Scarabeo Entertainment and Ennesimo Film Festival logos must be visibly and legibly displayed, as well as the lettering: “This video was financed by Scarabeo Entertainment within the frame of the Ennesimo Contest, promoted by Ennesimo Film Festival”. These logos will be provided by the organizer upon request by the production or the director.
    • The subject of the promotional video must be the Bertozzi e Casoni Museum, which must be visible and recognizable.
    • The winner of Ennesimo Contest must commit to communicating the shooting schedule to the organizer well in advance, especially when filming inside the Museum. This news may be used by the press office of both Ennesimo Film Festival and Scarabeo Entertainment for articles regarding Ennesimo Contest.
    • Ennesimo Film Festival and Scarabeo Entertainment reserve the possibility of contacting the winner for promotional initiatives. In this case, the author is supposed to tell his/her experiences throughout the whole creative process that led to the realization of the winning idea.


  1. Material and rights
    • In case the presented idea turns out to be encumbered by any third-party rights or not to be ownership of the participant, it will be excluded from the contest. In case the idea has been already declared winner, it will not be allowed to get the prize, without prejudice to the organizer’s right to relieve the participant of his/her obligation completely or reimburse any loss that could turn out for the organizers from the violation of this essential provision.
    • All rights related to the final video must be passed on free of charge by the winner to Scarabeo Entertainment, with its offices in Sassuolo (Mo), Via Racchetta 2, apartment number 20; social security and VAT registration number: 03812870362. A designated agreement must be entered into by the parties.
    • All participants have the responsibility of safeguarding the authorship of their own submitted ideas. In case of dispute, TILT Associazione Giovanile, Ennesimo Film Festival, Scarabeo Enternainment, as well as all promoters, patrons, partners and everyone involved in the project in any capacity will not be brought into play in any case.
    • The winning idea may be used by the press office of Ennesimo Film Festival and Scarabeo Entertainment for articles regarding the Ennesimo Contest, as well as the author’s biography and filmography.



  1. Rules acceptance

Participating in the contest involves full acceptance and compliance of these rules. Participants have the responsibility to be authorized to sign up their project for this contest. The Artistic Director of Ennesimo Film Festival has the right to settle all cases that are not included in this set of rules, as well as waive the norms in specific and well-funded cases.

The organization of the Festival reserves the right to make changes in the structure of this set of rules (such as dates or prizes). Participants irrevocably renounce all claims or actions (including legal action), request or compensation against TILT Associazione Giovanile, Ennesimo Film Festival, Scarabeo Entertainment, as well as all promoters, patrons, partners and everyone involved in the project and the contest in any capacity and absolve them of all responsibilities. In case of any dispute concerning the interpretation of the regulation articles, the original Italian version shall prevail