Cantonese films

Do you like Asian cinema? This is the best time to enjoy movies produced in East Asia, because it has just started the New Year for the Chinese Lunar Calendar and this is one of the biggest days of the year for movies, if not the biggest in China… Most of the big budget movies filmed by huge directors are released during this period and this new films are mostly comedies, especially concerning themes like family, gambling or action movies seasoned with martial arts. Here is a selection of movies to watch to enter the Chinese festive!

We say Chinese cinema and immediately you think of him: Jackie Chan! In fact, this year he released his latest film Kung Fu Yoga,  that includes martial arts and races against time. Jackie Chan shows up with an action movie, where he played the role of professor and archaeologist who is recruited by an Indian scholar in search of a lost treasure during the battle between the Chinese and Indian army in the distant 654 AD. A light and funny movie that takes you on a journey through China, Tibet, India and Dubai. So much Kung Fu, a little of yoga.

Kung Fu Yoga

Shortly will be on cinema The Fortune handbook and  Lucky Fat Man, which present with humor and satire, the obsession of the Chinese to fortune tellers and astrologers. Su Fu, star of The Fortune Handbook, is a wimp who tries to steal an old recipe that has made the fortune of his brother-in-law’s, in an attempt to sell it and get rich quick. Things quickly take a turn when a God of Fortune sees his plan and decided to turn his life.

The Fortune Handbook

In Lucky Fat Man, the life of Chow Chong Fat drastically changes when he wins a large sum of money. Treated badly by his family members, Fat lives a boring life, full of frustrations. The encounter with the woman of his dreams Ceci, will be his only joy, until he decides to buy a lottery ticket and unexpectedly won the first prize. This radical change will launch a hilarious and entertaining story. Literally translated from Cantonese, title of this film means I want to become rich, more clear than that…

Lucky fat man

Two restaurants in the same street,Spring Avenue, the culinary center of Hong Kong, are the places in which it is set Cook up a storm. Seven serves the best of Cantonese cuisine and Stellar is the new high-class restaurant that serves European cuisine; the chefs will battle for the title of best restaurant in (shots) of food.

Among the new releases, Love from Kampung is a film that tells the story of a group of friends, who for years do not make it to reunite with their family for the New Year. Sorry and sad the boy’s relative decide to go directly to celebrate the holiday in the big city.

Finally, the last film of the list: The Village of No Return. For the Desire Village, isolated and remote, is an unusual day: a mysterious Taoist priest shows them an object that promises to erase the memories. Gradually, all the villagers decided to try it out and start living a happy new life, however, unaware of what was plotting behind them. A funny and mysterious comedy.

The village of no return