CDFA 2023: Design Visions



Fourth edition for the Caesar Design Film Award, which declines this year on the theme Design Visions

The theme of CDFA 2023 proposes a reflection on what underlies design, the precise vision which directs the realization of a work. If, for Munari the design method is to be considered as a series of necessary operations arranged in a logical order dictated by experience, Sottsass theorized, in contrary, an anthropocentric and emotional vision. Beyond the theoretical basis of reference, every architectural or interior design project intended to endure has a vision behind it. It is the higher principle that guides choices, the north star of every project. How will this theme be addressed in the CDFA selection films?

The objective of the Award organized together with Ceramiche Caesar is to create a bridge between the world of design and the world of film art, intended not only as a form of entertainment, but also of education and involvement for all those interested in the world of design in its different forms. For the first time this year at the CDFA, an Audience Mention will also be awarded, which will vote through the voting card mechanism.
Then, the Wannabe Designers Special Mention is unmissable.