CDFA 2024: Design for Looking Beyond



Fifth edition for the Caesar Design Film Award,
with a theme that invites us to reflect beyond what is (already) known!

The ability to look beyond is an important mindset not only for designers, but in everyday life. This way of thinking is not satisfied with conventional solutions or immediate answers, but constantly seeks to imagine and create something new and meaningful. It is an attitude that nurtures creativity, stimulates innovation and inspires change. In design processes, embracing this habit paves the way for endless possibilities and leads to surprising results that can transform the world around us. It helps identify hidden opportunities and transform bold visions into tangible realities.

Looking beyond thus becomes an imperative, as only through this perspective can we anticipate the challenges and opportunities that the future holds for us. At the heart of looking beyond is the idea that every creation must be intrinsically oriented towards a better future, embracing innovation and sustainability, issues that are today essential in every field of design. Thinking outside the box therefore increases design possibilities and opportunities. It allows for new solutions, using unconventional and original approaches to a problem or a situation. In design theory, this approach is essential to stimulate innovation and creativity. Thinking outside the box implies going beyond conventional limits and seeking new approaches, even if they appear unusual or improbable.


The fifth edition of the award organised in partnership with Ceramiche Caesar continues to investigate architecture and design through the language of film. It does so by awarding the Caesar Design Film Award, the Wannabe Designers Mention and the Audience Mention.