City of Fiorano Award

To anticipate the eighth edition of the Festival could not miss the International Award dedicated to the City of Fiorano, with its selection of thematic short films: Family Affairs.

The Festival cannot exist without a strong connection with its territory, which obviously includes the administration, businesses, the third sector and educational institutions, but also and above all the citizens. 18 thousand families in the Ceramic District, a community that also this year at the beginning of April received directly at home a postcard with a QR Code to access the selection of shorts reserved for them. Films focused on the relationship between parents and children and more, to collectively reflect on the different definitions and declinations of what is (or is not) that foundation of our society we call family. At the end of the viewing, municipality’s residents chose their favourite film, thus helping to award the City of Fiorano Award, which is organised in 2023 in collaboration with Vetriceramici




Comune di Fiorano Modenese