Two actresses at the console. Ennesimo’s Afterparty

may 05 @Caffè del Teatro Astoria with TESS MASAZZA
may 06  @Caffè del Teatro Astoria with  TERESA ROMAGNOLI

 This edition’s after-festival party sets off from quite a bizarre idea – what if actors were DJs?

After the screenings of the Official Selection, join us for two nights of music and fun led by Tess Masazza and Teresa Romagnoli. A dive into their playlists, their favourite music, the songs that have made them dream and make them go wild. It will be like peeping into their Spotify accounts and learning some of their secrets

A dear friend of the festival, stage photographer Lucia Iuorio, is back for the eight edition! And this time she is coming with a guest - actress Tess Masazza. The two, who are also friends in life, met on a set while on work, and will open the screening of the Official Selection on Friday night. They will tell us the secrets of life on a film set, the “first time” as an actress or a photographer, the hardships, the fears, but also the successes, the great encounters and the most hilarious moments. All seasoned with sympathy, irony and the great affection that binds them
Born in Salerno, she moved to Rome in 2010 to study editing. The transition to photography happened quickly, in line with her natural interest in subjects and the possibility of telling stories through images. Her shots expose the unseen faces of famous stars
She made herself known to the general public for the webseries Insopportabilmente donna (Unbearably Woman), which had over 500 million views. She rapidly landed in mainstream media too: first on TV, then on Radio Deejay, and finally on RAI - Italy’s public broadcasting company. In 2017 she acted for the first time in “Poveri ma Ricchissimi”, followed by “Notti in bianco, baci a colazione”. She is part of the cast of the second edition of “LOL - chi ride è fuori”.





The guest of honour on Saturday night is Teresa Romagnoli! In a heart-to-heart interview for the audience of Ennesimo Film Festival, just before the screening of the Official Selection,the young actress will talk about her journey, from her first “home” acts to the big screen,through short films and famous TV series. There will be no lack of moments to reveal her future projects, her secret dreams and some little curiosities...
On Christmas Day, 1995, she made her debut in the role of Trilly in her grandmother’s living room. The success of the Christmas play prompted her to continue her studies until she graduated from the Gian Maria Volonté School of Cinematographic Art in 2015. After a few parts in short films, including Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Dream”, she began to gain popularity thanks to roles in successful dramas such as “Tutti insieme all’improvviso” and “Don Matteo”. In 2017 he made his film debut with Massimiliano Bruno’s “Beata ignoranza”, followed by Michela Cescon’s “Occhi blu” and most recently Laurent German Maury’s “I cinefili”.