Earth Day 2017

On Saturday, April 22, 2017 will be the International Earth Day. How we can celebrate our planet? We are inspired, as always, by the cinema and movies that have somehow celebrated the beauty and uniqueness of Earth.

Let’s start with Erin Brockovich – Strong like the truth. Inspired by a true story, the film made a stir andJulia Roberts who played the main character won the Oscar, the Golden Globe and the BAFTA Prize.

Erin Brockovich is a woman who tries to overcome a dark moment, urgently she needs a job, and, almost in bankrupt, is able to get into the office of Masry and getting a job. Just at her desk comes information about Pacific Gas and Electric. She starts to investigate and find that the waters are contaminated by chrome. This is how begins one of the greatest causes of California’s history.




More than just a simple cartoon, Wall-E is one of Pixar’s best animation projects. The robot lives in a world of waste, caused by an extreme and irresponsible consumerism and over-exploitation by human. Determined to live its life, Wall-E fights to bring love and life back to Earth.


The environmental theme is also on the background of another movie, Blade Runner (1982). Los Angeles in 2019, animals are essentially extinct and pollution made the world obscure and inhospitable. Who could, move to space colonies, while some people are still on the Earth, they are left there because of medical examinations or because they could not afford travel costs. The climate is bad, the sun is cloudy and pollution produces a continuous rain. The total absence of the beautiful contributes to create a sense of claustrophobia. An apocalyptic scenario!

If you are Western fans, you can not miss Dance with the wolves. with Kevin Costner, in the role of John Dunbar, a civil war veteran who is sent to the edge of the prairies of South Dakota. Here, he falls in love with the Sioux environment and people, refusing to conquer their lands. Animals, like nature in general, play an important role: as characters in history.


Among the most recent films, we recall Interstellar by Christopher Nolan (2014). The excesses of men have turned the earth into a sort of red desert, struck by sandstorms. Cultivated fields continually burn and the last remaining resources are reduced to the minimum necessary for human survival. There’s nothing left to move elsewhere: but where?