EFF – The audience is the protagonist this year too!

From 28th April to 5th May, Ennesimo Film Festival comes back

At its core, students and the community with Non è l’Ennesimo Ospite and the Third Juror


From 28th April to 5th May, the ninth edition of Ennesimo Film Festival will take place at Teatro Astoria in Fiorano Modenese. The audience will be the protagonist of the Festival this
year too, with voting, dedicated meetings, juries and the confirmation of two special projects: 
Non è l’Ennesimo Ospite and the Third Juror, , both created to share an even stronger bond with the community.


«Dialogue and confrontation with the audience and the entire community has always been our priority – highlights Ennesimo Film Festival’s artistic director Federico Ferrari – as well as trying to offer a glimpse into contemporaneity even through new experiences. Whoever takes part in the Festival is not just a viewer, but a true and thorough protagonist. From the Ennesimo Academy students who will be protagonists in dedicated masterclasses, projections and juries, to the audience, which will award various prizes going from the Ennesimo People’s Choice Award to the Best short from the Official Selection. Additionally, Fiorano’s residents will award the City of Fiorano Prize, the soccer players from youth associations will award the Fuorigioco Prize, the university students will award the mentions of the Caesar Design Film Award and Sinofonie. This ninth edition will not be the exception to a rule that is of fundamental importance for us: being synergetic with the territory and building the Ennesimo Film Festival together».

More specifically, Non è l’Ennesimo Ospite is the project that allows Fiorano citizens, but not only them, to host in their own home one director from the Official Selection. A cultural and cinematographic exchange to discover, in everyday life, the lifestyle and secrets of artists
destined to rise, in the future, to the most important international stages of cinema. In order to offer your willingness to host the directors of the event’s ninth edition, you just need to send your application on the ennesimofilmfestival.com website.

The Third Juror project, instead, offers high school students the chance to be part of the Official Jury of the Festival and, in this way, award the Ennesimo Jury Prize, the most important prize of the Festival. Along two jurors, which would be journalists, actors and professionals, there will then be a collective of girls and boys that, after having followed a course of cinematographic analysis and critic with the Academy educators, will be able to choose, together with the colleagues, the winner of the event. An example? Last year, the young jurors shared their voting desk with the author and radio speaker Stefano Andreoli and the cinema professor Jaroslava Hynštová. The applications are already open for this project as well. You just need to visit the Ennesimo Academy website, on the ennnesimoacademy.it link, where, in the homepage, you will find the banner for the The Third Juror section where you can compile the application form.