EFF2021: Awards decided by the Panel of Judges, here the motivations

We were very happy to guest on our stage at least a part of our Panel of Judges, for Lewis Rose was impossible to reach us in Italy, because of the restriction due to the pandemic situation.


The Critics’ Award for the 6th Edition of the Ennesimo Film Festival went to SERGUEÏ directed by the French Lucas Fabiani


The panel of judges awarded this short film because it tackles a difficult and unusual subject, raising significant questions and leading the viewer towards a finale of great
emotional impact. We think that this movie is an act of courage which challenges our prejudices and our perception of diversity in relation to other cultures, prompting us to reflect on something that goes beyond the mere news and which depicts the humanity of people. Last but not least, we were very impressed by the set design and some remarkable directorial choices, especially the final sequence in all its emotional power.


We reached Lucas Fabiani, who was very enthusiastic of this prize,. Even because his movie was a World Première for the Ennesimo…decisely a good start for his movie!


Special Mention assigned to STICKER by Georgi M. Unkowski


The panel of judges intends to award a special mention to this short film for its ability to skilfully mix ironic and dramatic registers with a well thought finale from the point of view of
writing, that allows the viewer to fully participate in the protagonist’s story.




The board of the cultural association “Artemisia Gentileschi” unanimously decided to award the “Artemisia Prize” to 3 SLEEPS by Christopher Holt

For its formal features (effective and concise dialogues, dynamic video editing, realistic situations depicted on screen) and above all for its social criticism against the stolen childhood of the protagonists. The meaning of the movie is introduced by a phrase uttered by their mother who is about to leave her little daughters – one of which is particularly young – for a few days: “You’re no longer a child”. The addressee of this sentence, the older sister Casey, will be called upon to take on adult responsibilities and make important decisions. Her sisters are children robbed of their rights and exposed to dangers: violence inside and outside the house, malnutrition and irregular life rhythms, sporadic school attendance, petty theft and actual risk of death due to inadequate protection and care. This short reports the phenomenon of STOLEN CHILDHOOD which can’t be justified by the difficulties of a single mother and which can only by prevented with the support of the State. The mother asks Casey to wait for her and to be patient for “three sleeps” (three nights), but this “sleep” shall not be taken literally by the institutions in charge of protecting the children’s rights.