Ennesimo Academy at it,lads!

Ennesimo Academy leaves the Emilia sub-region for the first time, touches the borders of Romagna, and sets off to explore Lombardy and Marche!

This spatial and temporal journey from September to April accompanied students and teachers to discover the world of audiovisuals, in order to prepare them for a festival where they will walk among awards, jury panels, masterclasses and workshops as protagonists together.


In the 2022/2023 school year, the Ennesimo Academy has taken the biggest step so far. Thanks to the precious support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Merit and public and private sponsors, 250 classes have been involved in the image education projects signed by the Ennesimo Film Festival. The classes took part in the various paths of discovery and knowledge of audiovisuals, by now the primary source of all our entertainment, in-depth analysis or information. Reconfirmed courses and courses created from scratch to meet everyday needs, which once again made it possible to use cinema and films as tools for understanding external reality, society, but also personal emotionality. From kindergartens to the Universities of Bologna and Reggio Emilia, this year the Academy accompanied over 5600 students of all levels to discover quality cinema, stimulating their creativity through screenplays, storyboards, reviews, soundtracks and, above all, participation as protagonists in the Festival. This path does not end with morning classes during school hours. Actually, it involves the students in afternoon video production workshops, in setting up an exhibition in each municipality with their works produced during the courses, and in many activities that see them as protagonists at the Festival: contests, dedicated selections, interviews with the competing directors, juries and much more.

At the same time, the Ennesimo Academy has made the role of teachers in educating children about the image even more central: thanks to a newsletter and a private area of the site dedicated to them, teachers have been offered further and constant use of the video medium at school. Filmographies for in-depth study of topics, proposals for structured lessons based on the use of cinema, and guidelines for the integration of audiovisuals in explanations are just some of the offers that Ennesimo Academy and a small network of specialists in the sector have introduced. In this way, cinema not only becomes a subject of study at school, but can also be a support tool for all the subjects already traditionally present in the school timetable. Thanks above all to the union of intentions that it is able to bring together municipalities, teachers and young future citizens and professionals, the Academy undoubtedly represents the project of which EFF can be most proud. Even more than in the past, its emphasised presence on the territory and its new relationships outside the region indicate its great value. A value already recognised in 2019 by MIUR, which awarded the project as Good Practice in the field of film language teaching at school, and from 2021 by the High Patronage of the European Parliament, and today reconfirmed by the support and trust of those who, together with us, choose to invest in the future and in the new generations. We especially thank the incredible work of our educators