The first edition of Ennesimo Film Festival will take place at Teatro Astoria in Fiorano Modenese from 27th to 29th May. The international short film festival has been conceived and organized by the Artistic Directors Federico Ferrari & Mirco Marmiroli and Tilt Associazione Giovanile with the support of the Municipality of Fiorano Modenese, of the region Emilia Romagna and of the cultural association Arci Modena. A special mention goes to the many partners and sponsors of the event: Laboratorio Immagine, BPER Banca and all members of the “Moka” team from ESC srl.

After a long absence of more than two years, the first edition of Ennesimo Film Festival will officially start at 09.00 p.m. in the beautiful location of Teatro Astoria in Fiorano Modenese. Many thrilling workshops, events and screenings will unfold till the 29th May with the aim of bringing cinema back to our ceramic district with a little help from the incredible short films selected.

The 10 shorts of the Official Selection are ready to kick off an incredible edition full of surprises during which the public will be the protagonist: the audience will vote for the best short by using the voting cards distributed at the entrance shortly before the screenings, thus choosing the winner of the Ennesimo People’s Choice Award.

The French director Jullian Fioriti will join the team in Fiorano Modenese to present its short film Cagoule – all revolved around the adventures of its protagonist Harry, a young man afflicted by a profound intellectual crisis – that will be screened for the first time during the opening night.

The second night of the festival – on Saturday 28th May – will feature the presentation of the show “This Is Your Land” with the Italian band Flexus and the not-to-be-missed screening of the remaining 11 shorts in competition.



On Friday 27th May and on Saturday 28th May– starting from 09.00 p.m. – the ten shorts of the Official Selection will be screened for the first time in Fiorano Modenese, after having passed a tough selection from more than 2.934 applications arrived from 128 countries around the world.

On Saturday 28th May, at 06.30 p.m. the Italian band Flexus will present its musical performance “This Is Your Land”, thus heating up the atmosphere before the official screenings (scheduled for 09.00 p.m.) with an overview on the best soundtracks in film history.

On Sunday 29th May, the municipal library BLA of Fiorano Modenese will host a professional workshop themed: “Costume Design in Cinema” held by the Costume Designers Roberta and Francesca Vecchi who will tell us more about their professional experience on some famous movie sets from “Radiofreccia” by Luciano Ligabue, “Smetto Quando Voglio” by Sydney Sybilia and “DIAZ” by Daniele Vicari to the auteur films directed by Francesca Comencini and many more.

The Final Night will take place on Sunday 29th May with the screening of the Swedish short film Mousse directed by John Ellberg. After the screening the panel of judges will meet the audience and will reveal the name of the winning shorts of Ennesimo’s first edition




As already mentioned before, the audience at Teatro Astoria will take an active part in the event by assigning a score from 1 to 10 to the shorts of the Official Selection. The most voted one will be awarded with the Ennesimo People’s Choice Award.

During the three days of events, 20 short films (of up to 20 minutes) will be screened with no restrictions regarding the themes depicted, their language and/or country of origin. In particular, two prizes will be awarded to crown the event:


  • the CRITICS’ CHOICE AWARD: assigned by a technical panel of judges to the best short film among the ones of the Official Selection,
  • the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: assigned according to the votes expressed by the public during the two evenings of screenings.