Yes, we did it! We took Ennesimo Film Festival beyond our national borders – precisely to Bristol – in order to attend the Encounters Short Film Festival, hosted by its Artistic Director, Rich Warren!
In case you are wondering what we were doing up there, (besides “enjoying” the British sun) the answer is… Studying!


We wanted to figure out how to improve the Ennesimo Film Festival 2019 in all respects: from the hosting activities to the general organization, from the screenings to the several side activities. By now, the Encounters has made it through its 10 th edition and its winners fall within the potential Academy Award Nominees for the category Best Animated Feature. As regards the short films competing for the category Best Live-Action Movie, the winner gets automatically nominated for the European Film Awards.

Well… You can always learn from others! Ennesimo at Encounters 2018

It’s been like a roller coaster ride: intense and exciting, with days full of meetings with the organizers of many film festivals from all over Europe (thanks for your tips Aneta, Szymon, Seanna, the Rebels of Plymouth and the Guarimberos!) and also with the directors and the producers, who let us take a sneak peek at their daily working life.
Don’t worry, during these days we didn’t forget the suggestions you gave us at the end of this year’s EFF: the public wants more comedy!

Ennesimo at Encounters 2018

Are you ready to find out the first news regarding the 4 th edition of Ennesimo Film Festival?

P.S. We’d like to thank the whole team of the Encounters for having us and for the warm welcome, starting
from Gaia, Iris, Apostolia, Jane and many more …
A big “thank you” goes to Charlotte, who made this trip possible, and a special greeting to Sam the Driver, may the wind be always at your back!

Ennesimo at Encounters 2018