Ennesimo Film Festival – Fifth Edition

EFF has been deeply affected by the recent pandemic, but its fifth Edition
eventually managed to thrive in such difficult conditions and rose again with a
new guise: a groundbreaking TV format followed by many itinerant events.

Find out more about #EnnesimoTVEdition and the thrilling #MoviementEdition!

The recent TV edition (broadcasted on the local channel TRC from 16 th to 20 th June 2020) turned out to be a major success with more than 32,450 viewers… each night! After that, EFF’s Moviement Edition strikes back, by returning to its places of origin: the streets and squares of Fiorano Modenese. The full schedule consists in several events planned from 20 th August to 2 nd October and organized with the contribution of the Fiorano Modenese Municipality, of the region Emilia Romagna, of the Modena Foundation and with the support of our sponsors Caesar Ceramics, Hera Group and BPER Banca.

We couldn’t be happier to present a programme consisting of 14 events that will bring cinema back to the city” – said the two Artistic Directors Federico Ferrari & Mirco Marmiroli. These occurrences will focus on various  topics ranging from cinema, literature and new technologies to current legal trends. Besides the screenings of the Official Selection, new shorts pertaining to various thematic sections will be presented and screened onto the big screen of Fiorano Modenese: Ennesima Risata (EFF Comedy Night), Visioni Sarde (a selection of movies set and filmed in Sardinia), the new entry Caesar Design Film Award night, whose shorts focus on Design and Architecture and a two-day full immersion with the guests of the foundation Luigi Coccapani. But that’s not all: the programme also features several literary presentations, a theatrical performance, one show addressed to the pupils and students of our ceramic district to promote Legality Education, a new format combining cinema & poetry and a thematic focus on the importance of soundtracks in cinema! These travelling events will cover a time span of one month with the specific aim of bringing cinema back to our cities and reach out to our enthusiastic audience in light of the restrictions caused by Covid-19. “Tilt Associazione Giovanile and Ennesimo Film Festival more than anybody have been working hard for years to propose new projects and events  supported by our local Municipality” – states Morena Silingardi, Head of Culture and Deputy Mayor of Fiorano Modenese- The results of this collaboration become bigger and bigger everyday and each year we renew with great joy the promises of our “professional marriage”. Thanks to the commitment of its community, Fiorano Modenese has  become the nerve centre of many eclectic cultural events of great importance. Among the novelties of this fifth Edition, on the 2 nd October we’ll introduce with great pride a special collaboration with the literature festival Poesia Festival. Therefore, I take this opportunity to thank Tilt Associazione Giovanile and EFF’s organizers and promoters for their commitment, their professionalism and the challenges they face every year to make all this possible!


We are extremely proud of this year’s fifth edition that will take place from 3 rd to 6 th September in Fiorano Modenese thanks to the support of Ferrari and to the contribution of our Municipality. After last year’s Virtual Odyssey, our VR  headsets come back to the foreground with Elio Germano’s theatrical performance “Segnale d’Allarme”.

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