Ennesimo Film Festival means participation

«To spread the knowledge of film art, especially in the form of short films, in order to show the public all the different aspects of contemporary international cinema» is a part from the Ennesimo Film Festival rules we consider very important.
Does it sound too much refined or ambitious? Too blurry? Idealist?

Maybe, but this is the concept at the very foundation of this new festival. In order to emphasize the importance that the public is going to have for us, we have decided to get it directly involved, giving it the role of judge thanks to the People’s Choice Prize. What is it?

The public at the screenings on Friday, 27 May and Saturday, 28 May will vote on the short films screened. The short film that gets more votes will be awarded the Ennesimo People’s Choice Prize . The award is given directly by the public and will be announced during the last night on Sunday, 29 May at Fiorano’s Teatro Astoria.