Will our heroes able to do it?

31st of January was last day to participate to the second edition of Ennesimo Film Festival.
Ready or not, here we come!

What it is going to happen now?
First, Mirco and Federico, from the Selection Committee will of course have a lot of work! They said bye to families, closed the shutters in their living room and strengthen their glasses ready to start a new trip around the world.

Actually, candidate short films came from more than 100 countries: from South Korea to Bolivia, from American cinema’s empire to the rising Egyptian cinema. Do not forget about Bollywood productions and 3 shorts from Cuba, or the only one with Panama flag; stop stop, we are even saying too much!

It is time to press play and go back to review our English! See you in a month, if we will survive.
Send us food supplies and not charitable contribution!