Virtual Odissey. Ennesimo into the Metaverse

 MAY 7 – 8 –  10 a.m.- 1 p.m./  3- 9 p.m


Whether it is just a game of our decade or an innovation for the future, time will tell. In the meantime, Ennesimo Film Festival, always keeping up with the new means of audiovisual fruition, is the first festival in Italy to have its movie theater in the Metaverse.


What is the Metaverse?


It is a universe where physical and virtual realities merge. It represents a digital space where you can move around through a personalized avatar and interact with new spaces, but also with other avatars, exactly as one does in material reality. From dating sites to exhibitions, to high fashion catwalks, many fields are experimenting with a readjustment of our own world inside the Metaverse. Far from being the frightening parallel world of the Matrix, the cyber-universe today is a fun and new way of experiencing things. Why don’t you try to explore it by taking part in a screening?




Come and live this immersive experience with our VR headsets during the festival days..

You can also do it from home with headsets or on your laptop. You just need to:

    1. Enter in Altspace VR with your avatar (or create one);
    2. In the “enter code” section, enter the code of Mondo Ennesimo Film Festival: SFW699
    3. Welcome to Ennesimo Film Festival in the Metaverse!