attilio palmieri giuria ennesimo film festival 2018

Attilio Palmieri is a PhD in Visual, Performing and Media Arts at the University of Bologna and he deals with North American Cinema and both American and British television series. In the past he worked on the New Hollywood Cinema, dealing in particular with Steven Spielberg’s works. He is currently responsible for the contents (news and reviews) and social media of Best Serial.it, spin-off of Best Movie dedicated to TV series. He also published essays on Mad Men, American quality TV, Paolo Sorrentino, Boris, House of Cards, Spielberg and serial products in general. For over ten years has been dealing with film and television criticism, cooperating with paper magazines and online resources such as Segnocinema, Seriangolo, Point Blank and Gli Spietati.



francesca piredda GIURIA ENNESIMO FILM FESTIVAL 2108
Maria Francesca Piredda is professor of Istituzioni di storia del cinema/History of cinema and teaching coordinator of the Master in Image, Cinema and Audiovisual Management at Cattolica University of Milan. Some of her key research themes include Visual Anthropology, the relationship between Italian cinema and critical report, Film and Sound Studies and Italian Postcolonialism. He had recently worked on the special n.28 of Cinéma&Cie. Scattered Subalternities. Transnationalism, Globalization, and Power (with Ilaria A.De Pascalis and Judith KeilbacH).



GIURIA ENNESIMO FILM FESTIVAL 2018 francesco clerici
Graduated in Art History and Criticism at University of Milan, he’s a documentary filmmaker with a particular focus on art, craftsmanship, anthropology and intangible heritage. Since 2009 he has been collaborating with CICAE (Confédération Internationale des Cinéma d’Art e d’Essai), together with artist Velasco Vitali and he gives classes at several Italian universities. Il Gesto delle Mani, his first documentary feature film, has been presented at Berlin Film Festival in 2015, where it received the international critic’s FIPRESCI award. His works have been screened at several festivals worldwide (London Film Festival, Viennale, RIDM Montreal, Sarajevo) and also in locations such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the British Film Institute in London, the Irish Film Institute in Dublin, the Cineteca Mexicana in Mexico City, the Cinemateca Uruguya.