Ennesimo masterclass in collaboration with MoMA

Paola Antonelli @ design.emrgency

Ennesimo Film Festival went back to University on 26th May – within the frame of the CDFA Project – with a special lectio magistralis addressed to all students of the master’s degree and bachelor’s degree courses in “Advanced Design”. Guest of honour will be Paola Antonelli: Senior Curator of the Architecture & Design Department of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, whose last exhibition “Broken Nature” opened on November 2020. Paola Antonelli presented to all the students and academics involved in the “Design Emergency” project: an Instagram account that features weekly live streams with experts and artists explaining how healthcare architecture, medical illustration, the hacking phenomenon, data visualization and the production of Personal protective equipment (PPE) will lead to important innovations able to will protect us from the pandemic and prepare us for the upcoming changes that it will inevitably bring about. This masterclass represents a whole new curatorial project that demonstrates how important the collaboration among designers is to lay the foundations of the post-pandemic future.