was born in Busto Arsizio, she studied in Bologna and is currently based in Milan. She is the editor-in-chief of Film Tv, a weekly publication for which she runs two columns named Serial Minds and Telepass. She’s also the co-host of Pilota- Un podcast sui telefilm (a podcast whose main topic are TV shows) for the network She discusses TV series every Monday on a radio show called Esteri on Radio Popolare and writes film reviews on a magazine called I 400 calci- Rivista di cinema da combattimento under the pseudonym of Xena Rowlands. She’s also a long-time author for and co-founder of





was born in Rome in 1982 and graduated from the Experimental Centre of Cinematography (“Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia”) in Lombardy, where he focused on screenplay and TV series production. He took his first steps on set working with the company Indigo Film and was part of the team of professionals selected by Paolo Sorrentino for the filming of L’amico di Famiglia, Il Divo and La grande bellezza. In 2012 he wrote and directed “Generale. Rivivendo Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa”, a documentary about the famous Italian Army General, which was broadcasted by the channel Rai Storia. He also worked as editor and screenwriter for Taodue Film and with the director Simone Spada, with whom he produced a comedy called Hotel Gagarin, that was produced in 2018 by the company Lotus Production.







was born in Veneto in 1984, whether he likes it or not. He is the Artistic Director of Lago Film
Fest since 2009 and founder of Formentera Film Festival. Together with Matti Coletti, he writes and directs videos, short-films, corporate and animated videos and their production ranges from the documentary Silvio– Here I am to the mockumentary The amazing psychophysical benefits of cultural exchange and many more. He has worked as Community Manager for ZOOPPA and as Artistic Director for Pixartprinting.