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  • I can’t find documents from A to C to download, what can I do?
    The only documet you have to downalod and fill is the socalled document D, you can downad it from this link: EnnesimoContest_DocumentD. All the other documents can be realized directly from you, and you can send them in different formats: doc, docx or pdf, by attaching them to the registration email.
  • Can I submite more than one subjet?
    Yes, you can. But you must submit a new inscription for each subject you would like to present.
  • Are there any limits regarding the submitted subject?
    No, there are no limits regarding the genre of the subject submitted by the applicant.
  • Can the project I’m submitting have already participated in other contests?
    Sure, unless it has been already adapted for film and/or audiovisual products before participating in this contest.
  • Can my subject have already won other contests and yet participate in this as well?
    Sure, unless it has been already adapted for film and/or audiovisual products before participating in this contest. Anyway, you have to make sure to specify those previous victories during the registration and you must respect all the rules in the call for entries.
  • What do you mean with “original work”?
    With “original” we mean that the work must be new and owned by the applicant. Adaptations of pre-existing works are admitted to the contest, only if the applicant owns the right to the pre-existing work or the rights to adapt it for the cinema. In this last case, the ownership must be shown at the moment of the registration, or the work will be excluded from the contest. Works based on literary texts that are not the applicant’s will not be admitted to the contest, even if unpublished before. On the contrary, the applicant must prove the ownership of the copyrights for the adaptation of the text for the cinema, or the project will be excluded from the contest.
  • In case of victory, when and how will the funding be dispensed?
    a prize of 3,000 euros is allocated to the best submitted subject. This sum will be paid off by Scarabeo Entertainment, once the definitive file of the promotional video to be projected will be delivered.
  • Will the rights to the short remain mine?
    No, all rights related to the final video must be passed on free of charge by the winner to Scarabeo Entertainment, with its offices in Sassuolo (Mo), Via Racchetta 2, apartment number 20; social security and VAT registration number: 03812870362. A designated agreement must be entered into by the parties. .
  • Where can I find information about the Bertozzi & Casoni Museum?
    Here you can enjoy the website: museobertozziecasoni.com Dedicated visits with the organizers will take place on 10th, 11th, 12th, as well as on 17th, 18th, 19th May from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. In addition is it possible to visit the museum  during the opening hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 03.00 - 07.30 pm.