Lago Film Festival

Lago Film Festival
Lago Film Fest Revine Lago - Treviso, Italia Sito Web: The festival was created in 2005 out of the dream of seeing people take their chairs from home and sit by the lake to watch a film under the stars. Taking place in the picturesque lakeside town of Revine Lago, this international festival for short films, documentaries and screenplays offers a unique experience of time suspension that cannot be fully understood without first-hand experience.  
  Here movie they propose  
  • Fático | Julieta Duchovny | 2020 | Argentina | 7 Sunday leisure time is the central idea of a very special club.
  • Impériale (Imperial) | Coline Confort | 2020 | Switzerland | 22 Eva, 21 years old, wants to join the hunters of the Imperial Guard, a Napoleonic regiment of historical re-enactment reserved for men.
  • Jestem Tutaj (I'm here) | Julia Orlik | 2020 | Poland | 15 An elderly man is looking after his paralyzed wife. However, his approach does not meet with the approval of his daughter who, working in a hospital, has a different view on how to properly care for the sick.
  • Le Sang de la Veine (The Blood in the Vein) | Martin Jauvat | 2021 | France | 15 Simon and Zoé meet on Tinder, but their date may prove more complicated than expected.
  • Marleni, no Marlen (Marleni, not Marlen) | Carmen Aumedes Mier | 2019 | Spain | 16 Marleni hates her job. When she receives a message from an unknown number, she comes across the perfect opportunity to invent a new identity.
  • Meine Liebe | Clara Jost | 2020 | Portugal | 6 A tomato plant falls into depression: it was put in a vase too big for its size.
  • Rubicón | Manuel Muñoz | 2020 | Honduras | 11 In the suspended days preceding a departure, the mysterious characters of Rubicón take the viewer around the streets of an unknown town.