International Children Care Film Festival

International Children Care Film Festival

International Children Care Film Festival Dove: Parigi - Francia Sito web:

The International Children Care Film Festival was launched in Paris in 2019 to focusing on films dedicated to the protection of children and youth, it aims to use images to raise awareness and promote the issue. Access is free and open to everyone: children, young people, adults and workers in the medical-socio-educational sector. Each screening is followed by a debate with the audience.    

Ecco i film che ci propongono  Here movie they propose

  • Echo | Borisa Simovic, Costa Rakicevic | 2019 | Serbia | 7 Divided between his father’s playfulness and his mother’s severity, the life of a child leaves no room for emotional outbursts.
  • Grooming | Francisco Yelamos Martin | 2020 | Spain | 8 Through a portal, a girl establishes contact with a mysterious figure which seems to fulfil her attention cravings.
  • Interstice | Oskar Willers | 2020 | Sweden | 11 When Anders makes an indecent proposal to his younger boyfriend Micke, things take a very sudden dark turn.
  • La chasse | Jean-Pierre Dupuy | 2017 | France | 20 November 1973, a father took his eight-year-old son to the hunt for the first time.
  • My father | Farzad Samsami | 2020 | Norway | 9 Said is 9 years old and his parents are recently divorced. The days he has to spend with his father become very challenging for him.
  • The Touching | Dominik Gyorgy | 2020 | Slovakia | 39 Two brothers share the secret of their mutual self-discovery. However, teenage curiosity ends up crossing the limits of brotherly love.