ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL – International Film Festival for Children and Youth

ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL – International Film Festival for Children and Youth
ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL - International Film Festival for Children and Youth Zlìn, Repubblica Ceca Sito web: zlinfest.cz   Zlín Film Festival has been bringing its young audience the magic of cinema and theatrical screenings for more than half a century, and is now about to ignite this spark of wonder for the 62nd time. In the modern city of Zlín, cradle of the Baťa shoe empire, nearly everyone has been touched by the festival experience as a child. For a week, the whole world is at the children's feet, and their imagination knows no limits.
  • Blind Date | Camiel Schouwenaar | 2019 | Netherlands | 2 During her first date with Bas, Bodine quickly hides her thick glasses. She shouldn't have done that.n avrebbe dovuto farlo.
  • Carpe Diem | Rachel Portová | 2019 | UK | 3 A little girl is faced with an important choice between her best friend and her Christmas dinner.
  • Chin Up | Joanne Salmon | 2018 | Great Britain | 5 One in fifty thousand babies is born with Treacher Collins syndrome. JoAnne Salmon is one of them.
  • Heatwave | Fokion Xenos | 2019 | Greece | 7 On a hot Greek island, a little girl and boy dare to show everyone how to have fun!
  • Ink | Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk | 2021 | Netherlands | 2 Having lots of arms is not always enough to achieve what you want. The protagonist of this film, a neat-freak octopus, knows this well.
  • Little Snowman | Akeksey Pochivalov | 2021 | Russia | 3 A family of snowmen must reassess their priorities when they lose all their carrots.
  • Oltre la Crosta (In the Eye of the Beholder) | Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola | 2020 | Switzerland | 9 Maurizio is a university student with ad peculiar passion for diseases. After all, what is the difference between a flower and an infection?
  • Přes palubu! (Overboard!) | Filip Pošívač, Barbora Valecká | 2019 | Czech Republic / Slovakia | 12 A primordial question: which pair of animals did Noah not want on the Ark?
  • Red Shoes | Anna Podskalská | 2021 | Czech Republic | 14 The village dance has begun. Róza dominates the square, dancing with her new pair of red shoes.
  • Roberto | Carmen Córdoba González | 2020 | Spain | 9 Roberto has been in love with his neighbor for 15 years. An old clothesline will offer him a first opportunity.
  • The Bird and the Whale | Carol Freeman | 2018 | Ireland | 7 A young whale and a shipwrecked songbird struggle together to survive lost at sea.
  • The Witch & the Baby | Evgenia Golubeva | 2020 | Russia | 4 A youth spell requires a secret ingredient: a child. However, the witch seeking to benefit from it has miscalculated its ramifications.
  • Yuwol: The Boy Who Made The World Dance | BEFF | 2020 | South Korea | 25 What would happen if the whole of society became infected with a virus causing unrestrained dancing?