Playful workshops to take the first steps in the world of cinema
(for little enthusiasts aged 3 to 10)

You’re never too young to take your First Steps in the world of films.

On the afternoons of May 5th and 7th, at the Ludoteca Barone Rosso, the educators from Ennesimo Academy will guide preschool and elementary school children in the exploration of all that lies behind the magic of cinema: colour, space and light become elements of play and discovery. The educational and recreational activities arise from the creative cues contained in the book Missione Cinema edited by Franco Cosimo Panini.

Saturday afternoon is instead dedicated to two replicas, at 4 and 5:30 p.m., of Caterina Paolinelli’s animated reading with puppets. Come spend a day laughing and discovering the world with Pimpa and Olivia Paperina!