This will be a new adventure for Ennesimo Film Festival educators, who will take on a journey involving every class in the lower secondary school from 1 st to 3Rd year, throughout the schoolyear 2019/20.


 Incipit. Back to the origins of Storytelling is the title of the project for first year students; the underlying concept of this project is the idea that communication equals sharing, because it allows to create a bound between one or more individuals through a code that is known by every interlocutor.
This project is one of a long series of courses in image education that have been developed by Ennesimo Film Festival, aimed to
the analysis of the way communication uses video as its channel with its specific features. By analyzing the concept at the base of the creation of a video, the aim of the course is to study its grammar, its objectives and all those techniques that are used to make the storytelling more involving and interesting, from editing techniques to the use of rhetorical figures, from special effects to sound effects.
Ennesimo film festival 2018 | non è ennesima giornata di scuola
 We give special credit to the Department of Education of the City of Fiorano Modenese
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