Gente Strana

May 02 at 8.30 p.m. @CINEPORTO DELL’E.R.

The only feature film screened during the eighth edition of
Ennesimo Film Festival is Gente Strana by Marta Miniucchi

 A special event, made in collaboration with CEFA – il Seme della Solidarietà (lit. “the Seed of Solidarity”), a nongovernmental organisation that has been working for 50 years to overcome hunger and poverty, helping the world’s poorest communities achieve food self-sufficiency and respect for fundamental rights

The film is a mokumentary that, through fiction, documentary and archival material, recounts the intertwining of the lives of Tanzanian John Sagala and Italian Marco Rinoldi, both farmers’ sons, and their mutual exchange of values and skills.

The film screening is introduced by a panel discussion on international cooperation with Marta Miniucchi and the producer Giorgio Ciani.


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