Holi Festival

Do you know what is the HOLI Festival? It is a spiritual and religious festival of Hindu, dedicated to colors and love. It is celebrated in the spring season as it is considered the return to Life. The Holi festival is also known as the Festival of Colors, and it is celebrated by a battle with colored powders!

Among the many Bollywood films dealing with this celebration, there are a lot of soundtracks of this movies that have become the favorite music to celebrate this special day. One of the song that best represents the festive atmosphere is Balam Pichkari, from the movie This is a crazy youth

Holi Fest || Questa Gioventù è pazza

Very well known, it is Offo from the film 2 States, the film is an adaptation of the book written by Chetan Bhagat. The story revolves around the biographical story of the writer and the time when he met his future wife. “2 States” presents the differences that the two have faced coming from a very different cultural backgrounds: he is from a  Punjabi family, while her is a conservative Tamil Brahmin family.

2 states || holi festival

Around this festival revolves also Action Replayy, a colorful romantic sci-fiction comedy. The main character has a tremendous fear of commitment in love, scared by his family, when his parents get divorced, the child finds no other solution but to use the time machine and try to change the past of his parents … 

Action Replayy

Lahu Munh Lag Gaya is the song that brings together the main characters of Ram-Leela. A song with intense tones and clearly reflects the inherent nature of the Holi festival: the beginning. Ram-Leela is an interpretation of the work of Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. We have all the ingredients: two families enemies, a boy and a girl and love. Ram decides to crash the Holi festival of the enemy family where he met Leela. Here begins their love story.

raam lela

During the Holi Festival everything is permitted. So let yourself be transported by the music and the colors and forget any negative feelings: there is no room for fear of getting dirty, for sadness, or even for embarrassment!

Action Replayy