Incipit. To the origins of Karl

Every story, even a film, starts from the beginning, an incipit. If we were only shown the ending of a film, would we be able to reconstruct where it all started? And how likely is it that we would trace it back to the director’s original idea?

The winner class

The realisation of this project starts in the classroom, from one of Ennesimo Academy’s educational programmes: the Incipit course dedicated to the first classes of secondary schools. From the possibility of offering students an exclusive opportunity, came out the idea of hosting at the Ennesimo Film Festival Thomas Scohy, a regular director who has participated with 2 Italian premieres at our festival: in 2021 with the film “Invisible” in the Official Selection and in 2018 with “Karl” in the Youth Selection. During the lessons, the Academy students carried out a preliminary study imagining and proposing a different beginning for the short film Karl. The class 1A of the IC Bursi proposed the most compelling Incipit and theywill have the chance to work closely with the French director and shoot the new adaptation of his work with him. If the alien protagonist always ends up running away, what made him want to escape this time?


Here a preview of the new storyboard