Antoine Giorgini’s interview, director of Réplique

Réplique won Ennesimo Critics’ Choice Prize at the first edition of our Festival. Had you seen the official selection? Did you think your short could win?

Yes I inquired about the selected films but I knew very little. You can never know if you will win because the jurys sensibilities are always different from one festival to another. When you win a prize such as this, there is always an element of luck because the other films are often good. I will try to watch as many film was in competition at Ennesimo.

What was the biggest difficulty while you were shooting the film?

The biggest problems we encountered during the shooting were technical and meteorological. I remember one afternoon, we were shooting outdoors, it was sunny, cloud, rain, sun, cloud, very difficult in these conditions to manage the light and the fittings on the actors.
Another thing, one of the cops during the chase had a muscle strain and had to stop filming. If you watch the movie, while three cops at first, they are only two during the arrest because the third was in hospital. This is magic of cinema…