It will be just another Christmas… or not?

Here we are! The city’s streets are full of lights, Panettone is already out of fashion in supermarkets and there is nothing like holidays, to spend time with our good, dear television. Finally it’s Christmas!

Like every Christmas, we need to watch movies that remind us of family and feelings; those movies of our childhood, that taste like holidays. Romantic tales, black and white classic and above all Disney animation films. The Yuletide season brings out hopeful and happy ending stories.

80’s generation cannot forget all that days spent playing and pretending to be brave like Fantaghirò and the beautiful Prince Romualdo or likeKevin McCallister when he realized all children’s dream: finally at home alone!

Mamma ho perso l'Ennesimo Film Festival

In December can’t miss a night with Jack Skellington, he surprises Christmastown’s residents by kidnapping Santa Claus. Don’t you never thought to kidnap him and oblige him to produce toys only for you? It’s that kind of movie you can watch, re – watch and rerewatch without stopping to admire the genius of Tim Barton.

And now attention please: put your hand on your heart, like when you sing the national anthem. You can not leave behind Vacanze di Natale 1983, founder of an infinity series of characters that marked our history.

Natale Ennesimo Film Festival

In your Christmas films list, try to rediscover movie like It’s a wonderful life, where James Stewart, as George Bailey, imminent suicide on Christmas Eve, brings about the intervention of his guardian angel and shows him all the lives he has touched and how different life would be had if he never been born. Too dramatic? Not really, if we think of the real message of the movie.

And so what? Are you ready with dvds, a cozy blanket and junk food, to get into the Christmas Spirit and sappy scenes? No?! Insensitive!

Ennesimo Film Festival Natale

P.s. For you insensitive, there is always the special episode White Christmas di Black Mirror. Cinema never leave anyone alone… Especially during Christmas time!