La Ciudad de la Pericia wins the third edition of Caesar Design Film Award

La ciudad de la Pericia directed by  Yesenia Novoa Rodríguez wins Caesar Design Film Award.

The short film is a reflection about, on the one hand the increase in bicycles in Mexico City from a green perspective and on the other the increase in accidents and dead due to the absence of road culture.

Official Panel motivation

With great sensitivity and an intimate approach in terms of both the images presented and the choice of narrating voices, the short film La ciudad de la pericia tackles the issue of sustainable mobility experienced by large megalopolises. The setting is Mexico City; however, we could be in any of the countless locations without a political and urban plan enabling their inhabitants to move about their daily lives on two wheels, thus reducing transportation costs and committing to the safeguard of our planet. The short film’s polished direction and style alternate shots of the megalopolis with glimpses of everyday life, encouraging the viewer to engage with a theme that must become an increasingly shared concern in order to envision a future that is less polluted, more sustainable and better suited to the pace of human life.

Wannabe Designers Mention motivation

The word “Design” means bringing the product – the building – closer to the people.
To us, “Design for future” is not just about imagining the future of objects, but working and creating for the future of the people. It means immersing oneself in everyday problems and giving practical and concrete answers. The short film “La ciudad de la pericia” further raises the bar: the movie is about the social need for infrastructures that can give people a real future. In a difficult social context such as Mexico City, appropriate bicycles and cycle paths can become an opportunity of redemption for those who cannot afford to drive to work. The photography and sound effects of this short film transport us into the pulsating
and vibrant traffic of the Mexican capital, thus becoming the perfect accompaniment to the director’s reflection on “the city on a human scale”.

For all these reasons we award the work of Yesenia Novoa Rodriguez the special mention “Wannabe designer” 2022.