Justice mention of the Ennesimo festivalfilosofia 2022

On Saturday 17 th September at Crogiolo Marazzi were screened films of
Non è l’Ennesimo festivalfilosofia selection



The winner is Mona & Parvitz by Kevin Biele

For its appeal to viewers and their responsibility, realized through the ethical roles performed by characters and left implicit by the film, often leading the audience to choose from their powerful ambiguity. Understanding the film requires taking a stand on what is right and what is wrong – the viewer must commit themselves personally.
Just like Mona, who remains steadfast in her struggle against any form of judgement on her own private sphere, in an attempt to subvert the status quo in order to bring a sense of justice into the story.  And that is her own sense of justice – which we would like to be ours as well.