Motor Valley

MA Y 8   –  10 A.M.

In collaboration with Motor Film Awards, London


A program dedicated to one of the economic staples of the area where the Festival grows: motors. A new section of thematic short films offering a closer look at Motor Valley, the Emilian hub of speed: a rare concentration of car and motorbike manufacturers, racetracks, museums and collectors. Sport and passion for speed meet a full-fledged hub of technological innovation. Ennesimo reinterprets all of this as a cultural experience based on the adrenaline-filled excitement that only cinema can provide.




Cars from films, as faithful steeds of the greatest cinematic heroes, are memorable props that will make you daydream. A parade of the most famous ones, organised in cooperation with Vision Up and Scuderia Modena Corse – Club Motori of Modena, will arrive in Piazza Ciro Menotti on the morning of May 8. The Volkswagen Beetle from Un maggiolino tutto matto, the Commissario Merli’s Giulia, the General Lee from Hazzard, the Mercedes SL from American Gigolo, the Red Alfa Duetto Spider from The Graduate, the Ferrari 308 from Magnum P.I., the Lupin’s iconic yello 500, Fantozzi’s Bianchina, the dune buggy from Watch Out, We’re Mad!, the 2cv Charleston from Il Ragazzo di Campagna, the Mercedes SL from Liar Liar, Diabolik’s Jaguar EType, the Lancia Aurelia from Il Sorpasso, the white 124 Spider from Chimera, the police car from NYPD, the legendary Kit Car and the MG Cabrio from La guerra è finita. Will you be able to recognize them all?