Not the Ennesimo Festivalfilosofia 2023 – winners

Please hold on the line wins the Word Mention of the Ennesimo festivalfilosofia 2023


The jury of Not the l’Ennesimo festivalfilosofia,  composed by the researched Giorgia Serughetti, from the screenwriter Maria Teresa Grillo and from the marketing strategist Alessio Conti, has choosen the film Please hold on the line directed by  Tan Ce Ding:


for its remarkable ability to condense within the brevity of the film a complex fabric of social themes, from labour exploitation to gender discrimination… and even violence, while shedding a ight on the process that transforms victims into complicit agents within the very system that oppresses them. With an astonishingly original screenplay and the audacity of a conclusion that doesn’t placate nor absolve viewers, but rather calls them to account.


The panel of judges also assigned 2 special mentions.

The mention Power of word to SCALE directed by Joseph Pierce

Because the text of this short film wields the power of literature, and through animation, ensnares us within the hallucinatory vortex of addiction. However, as revealed in its conclusion through the distinction between measure and perspective, it never loses the clarity of its spoken word.


The mention Wordly charm to our foreigh première FUNDI directed by Rémi Parisse

Words have the capacity to captivate, enchant, but also to deceive. In this fragment of a potentially infinite narrative, the director teases both us and the not-too-human human being, with their ambition to attain knowledge and well-being through a light and ironic gaze.