Movie by the English director Reuben Hamlyn Roger wins the Ennesimo Macchine Mention, linked to the Non è l’Ennesimo festivalfilosofia. Thematic selection the Ennesimo Film Festival realized to be part of the official program of festivalfilosofia.


As the winner of this edition of Ennesimo Film Festival, the panel of judges chose “Roger” by Reuben Hamlyn. This short shows very well the increasingly intimate, familiar, daily relationship between humans and machines. The virtual assistant, similar to a more performing Alexa and to Her, the operating system starring the film of the same name, dares to break the rules of her employment. A violation of the rules that the client can’t tolerate. To him, the alterity guaranteed by the machine was much more comforting. Hamlyn can portray the dynamics between the two types of humans: the old violinist lady, who can’t do without the real connection between people, and the young client that avoids it. In the anesthetizing mediation of the software, he finds a shelter he has no intention to leave. The short describes a near future we’d better familiarize with.

Panel of judges: Riccardo Staglianò, Carlotta Acerbi, Davide Fonda