Let the trumpets and the drums resound! The final night of the 4th Edition will start with a special preview.
Last year, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal: we wanted to start a new side project that would allow a young director to shoot a shor t film thanks to
the contribution of Ennesimo Film Festival. We received 67 screenplays from India, Lithuania, England and – of course – Italy, that allowed us to take “Ennesima Borsa di Studio” beyond our geographical borders and to export our local history, beauties and innovations abroad, in the hope that this could
contribute to the promotion of our territory and to the development of new professionals. Af ter many surveys and inspections in the natural reserve Salse di Nirano, the winners of our “Ennesima Borsa di Studio 2018”, Francesco Barozzi and Natalia Guerrieri, are now ready to present “Salse Connection” to the audience and we can’t wait to screen it!
Miro is a retired man who is struggling to make ends meet and his landlord wants to evict him. He works as a volunteer in the natural reserve Salse di Nirano together with Vasile, a Moldovan apprentice, and Bruno, the frightful janitor. To everyone’s surprise, some weird holes in the ground of the natural park have appeared and no one can find an explanation. One night, Miro randomly bumps into the responsible of this mystery. From that moment, his life changes unexpectedly and he finds himself in a new adventure full of strange twists and turns.