April 20 – Centro Giovani Carburo, Scandiano (RE)
April 21 – Crogiolo Marazzi, Sassuolo (MO)
April 27 – Auditorium Enzo Ferrari, Maranello (MO)
April 28 – Teatro Astoria, Fiorano Modenese (MO)
ennesimo film festivla progetto scuole
After the great experience of the last year, in February it will come back the second edition of “Non è l’Ennesima Giornata di Scuola” (THIS IS NOT THE NTH DAY OF SCHOOL), the project of image training organized for the students in eighth grade. The current edition is addressed to almost 500 students coming from 8 schools of 4 different towns: Fiorano Modenese (7 classes), Sassuolo (6 classes), Maranello (4 classes) and Scandiano (3 classes).
It is thus increasing the number of the students and the teachers involved in this project, with a new ambitious aim: to make students develop a critical sense and to teach them to make judgments through the editing of revisions of movies and short films. Throughout the duration of the 60 meetings, teachers will have the task to teach them to develop the concept of the difference of opinions but also to raise the critical judgment tied particularly to images.

About 500 people, among students and teachers, involved in “Non è l’Ennesima Giornata di Scuola” (This is not the nth day of school) will be the protagonists of the classes taken from February to April. The final step of this route will be held on the occasion of the 4 projections dedicated to the students, during which they will view the selection of short films running for the Ennesima Menzione Giovani (Nth Young Mention).
Later, as for the first edition, they will be asked to choice one of the short films and to write its review in order to take part to the Ennesimo Premio alla Miglior Recensione (Nth Award to the Best Critique). The best reviews will be rewarded during the final evening event of the Festival, which will take place on the 6th May at the Theater Astoria in Fiorano Modenese.
Here the best reviews of the past year. Are you able to do better, guys? 
Special thanks for their contribution to the project, to Cultural and Educational Departments from Comune di Fiorano Modenese,Sassuolo, Maranello e Scandiano. The sponsors to the project BPER: Banca, CIR FOOD, APPLE PROMOTIONS, COOP, TIR DANZA, LIBRERIA INCONTRI, AUDITORIUM ENZO FERRARI, ASSICOOP EMILIA NORD – AGENTE UNIPOLSAI .

Ennesimo Film Festival sponsor Porgetto Scuole "Non è l'Ennesima Giornata di Scuola"