This project introduced and enthusiastically acclaimed during the schoolyear 2018-19; now it is become a permanent section of Ennesimo Academy: the course for students of the second year of Lower secondary
What are the steps of the filmmaking process before turning the rec bottom on?
The aim of this course is to teach the creative progress is involved when writing a story, before it is turned into a movie. Suggestions from everyday events are used as a starting point to analyze all aspects that characterize the planning phase before shooting. The aim is to debate and examine the key points of what is now considered the media of the new generations: the moving image.
From the creating to editing a storyboard, we will teach how to think creatively and develop a storytelling, a crucial concept underlying
every contemporary communication process.
This will be a new adventure for our educators, that will work with second year students to unveil a crucial phase in the production progress of a movie.
Ennesimo film festival 2018 | non è ennesima giornata di scuola
Do you want to know how was the first edition of our course?
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We give special credit to the Department of Education of the City of Fiorano Modenese
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