Sinophonies. Cinema in Chinese languages

May 03 at 9 p.m.@BLA 

Sinophonies Selection

Considering China’s increasing relevance in our daily lives, for the eighth edition of the festival, Sinophonies – Cinema in Chinese Languages wants to contribute to deconstructing the common and often prejudiced image of what denotes Chineseness as a monolithic and monolingual entity. To do so, the selection proposes short films made by Chinese-speaking directors, i.e. Chinese speakers, even if not all of them were born or resident in mainland China. Geographical peripheries and margins, as much as linguistic; territories and cultural formations that rethink their relationship with modern and old China (such as Taiwan); experiences of migration abroad are the main terrains on which Sinophonies moves.

The selection is curated by a team of sinologists, mediators and professors of Chinese language and culture: Sabrina Ardizzoni (University of Bologna), Federico Picerni (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice/University of Bologna) and Clara Longhi, cinema expert and collaborator in numerous festivals in Italy and China (SSML Carlo Bo/IULM Milan University).