Star Wars Day – May the Force be with you

Do you know what is celebrated on the 4th of May ??
Laser Swords, mean you anything?!
star wars spade laser

Yes, on 4th May, the day before the start of the second edition of Ennesimo Film Festival, will be the Star Wars Day ! The blockbuster film saga created by George Lucas.

In this anniversary, we will celebrate a milestone in the history of cinema. The film that led to the big screen and the general public the science fiction.

How many lovers know that the Wookie costumes, huge hairy beings including Chewbacca, are all made from human hair.

What the fuck!

Besides Star Wars, there are many films that speculate what could be out there in space: Silent Running, Dark Star, Forbidden Planet, Destination Moon and even A Space Odyssey. 

Probably Georges Méliès, Trip to the Moon, can be consider the first-ever space-themed film, in 1902. It entered the collective imagination the scene of the spacecraft crashing into the eye of the Moon as well as in film history. You know how it became popular this short? The work was the subject of a massive work of piracy by Thomas Edison who personally distributed him in America practically illegally.

Viaggio nella luna || corto 1902