The Dialogue Lady: Elettra Caporello

Cinema Talk –  MAY 4  AT 8.30  pm at TEATRO ASTORIA

She moved to New York in the late 1960s and began attending Columbia University. Her mother had her and her siblings learn English from a young age, encouraging them to master the language “or they wouldn’t get anywhere.” Passionate about cinema, she returned to Italy and used her skills to become the first female Italian dialogue writer. But what is a dialogue writer? This profession involves the translation and adaptation of films, namely making a foreign film flow smoothly and in an understandable way for the Italian audience, capturing, among other things, the nuances of speech and avoiding mismatches with lip movements. It’s not a literal translation, but an interpretation that perfectly captures the spirit of the original lines. She has worked on over 1600 English-language films. All Italian dialogues in Woody Allen’s and Martin Scorsese’s films are her work. The stories of Elettra Caporello’s adventures behind the scenes of cinema will open the curtains of the festival’s Sunday night!



“The Lady of Dialogues”, as she has been nicknamed over time, was the first film dialogue adaptor in Italy operating in the industry since 1985. After working in press offices for a few years, she reinvented herself as a dialogue adaptor for television and finally made her way into a male- dominated world that is... Cinema! Today she is, among others, the dialogue adaptor for all of Woody Allen’s films and, since 1999, for all of Martin Scorsese’s films.