The professions of cinema


A debate with a director and TV screenplayer ,
the Lady od Dialogues and the discovering of
Vr experience 

For the eighth edition of the Festival On the other hand, new frontiers are opened with the format The professions of cinema

A series of meetings with professionals from the film industry who will meet with Academy students to show them the fascinating aspects of a world that is not just made up of directors and actors, but of many lesser-known professions. The appointments, dedicated to first and second grade secondary school students, conclude the paths started in the classroom with the Academy.



Lorenzo Rossi Espagnet
He was born in Rome in 1982, exactly 57 years after Angela Lansbury and 29 years after Paulo Roberto Falcão, two characters who would unwittingly mark his existence. Over the years he has written and directed several documentaries such as Generale. Rivivendo Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa (The General. Revival of Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa) and Er gol de Turone era bono (Turone’s goal was awesome) and signed some fiction films such as Hotel Gagarin and L'uomo della domenica (Sunday Man). He is a screenwriter and, moreover, participates in the creation and development of TV formats.



Elettra Caporello
"The Lady of Dialogues", as she has been nicknamed over time, was the first film dialogue adaptor in Italy operating in the industry since 1985. After working in press offices for a few years, she reinvented herself as a dialogue adaptor for television and finally made her way into a male-dominated world that is… Cinema! Today she is, among others, the dialogue adaptor for all of Woody Allen's films and, since 1999, for all of Martin Scorsese's films.


Omar Rashid & Gold
Since its first time in 2019, the festival has never failed to include an experience with augmented reality. This year, we have curated a class specifically for the Academy students, in collaboration with Gold, a multimedia content production studio that creates audiovisual projects with an immersive character. The film made for Ennesimo Academy by director Omar Rashid - who has directed, among others, Elio Germano - can be experienced by putting on our visors, and it will tell us about the creation of emotional narratives and how innovative languages can help to create a unique experience.