The three-person jury of the Ennesimo Film Festival changes its face.
Alongside the two usual film experts, in this 8th edition the Third Juror is represented by a group of young people.

Specially formed by one of the Ennesimo Academy’s educators, the volunteer participants are called upon to work as a team. Indeed, their duties are to watch the shorts in the Official Selection, discuss them together, find a meeting point between their visions and opinions, and cast a single vote. A vote that will, in turn, be compared with the rest of the Jury to award the most prestigious prize.

Since EFF is increasingly dedicated to young and very young spectators, also thanks to the Ennesimo Academy project, it is time for the youngsters to also become its beating and active heart.

We think the time has come to let our young audience really to be the most active part of Ennesimo and this means not only dedicating most of the Festival’s activities to them, but also involving them in those intended for adults, such as the Official Selection. Young people have always been, and will be even more for the eighth edition, the heart of EFF.
– EFF artistic directors Federico Ferrari and  Mirco Marmiroli