This is not ENNESIMO festivalfilosofia

 Non è l'Ennesimo festivalfilosofia 2018
Save the date! On Saturday, the 15 th of September 2018, in the beautiful location of Crogiolo Marazzi in
Sassuolo at 9.00 p.m. don’t miss the appointment with
This is not Ennesimo festivalfilosofia!
Ennesimo Film Festival will join the programme of the festivalfilosofia (Festival of Philosophy)
with its short films which will be screened just for one night and which deal with a common theme: the Truth.
It goes without saying that the search for Truth in the film industry which – by its very nature – is “fake” and artificial, is not an easy matter. In order to identify with the events on the screen, the audience shouldn’t be able to notice the fictitious nature of the plot created by the author. Nevertheless, the inevitable
distance between the authors and their products is something that just can’t disappear.
The natural outcome of this creative process is that the truth is legitimated by the subjective perception of the public and, at the same time, is subjected to the directives of the author. The short films which have been selected range from documentaries to fiction and experimental films and deal with a recurring theme:
the truth and all its aspects. These aspects may be related to science (THE PROCESS: BREATHE), society (OMA, SNACK BAR), history (SOMEONE), individual identity (MAMIE, AGAIN, DATE NIGHT, I’M YOUR BEST FRIEND, GRAY UMBRELLA) and religion (PAGANOS). In this way, through cinema a whole new perspective on the concept of truth is offered in order to solve the crisis of Modernity when dealing with this complex and abstract principle.
During the evening, a Special Mention for the “Truth Section” of the Ennesimo Film Festival will be awarded
by a panel of judges consisting of three experts: Anna Maria Lorusso, Nicola Bigi and Rossella Scialla.
non è ennesimo festival filosofia
Anna Maria Lorusso is a Professor of Semiotics at the University of Bologna and President of the “Italian Association for Semiotic Studies” since 2017. Her work deals with memory, cultural heritage, narratology (the study of narrative and its structures), social storytelling and with the “popularization” of history through the mass media. Her publications include: “SEMIOTICA DEL TESTO GIORNALISTICO” (in cooperation with P. VIOLI, ROME-BARI 2004); “METAFORA E CONOSCENZA” (MILAN 2005); “LA TRAMA DEL TESTO. PROBLEMI, ANALISI, PROSPETTIVE SEMIOTICHE (MILAN 2006)”; “UMBERTO ECO. TEMI, PROBLEMI E PERCORSI SEMIOTICI” (ROME 2008); “SEMIOTICA DELLA CULTURA”(ROME-BARI 2010); “POSTVERITÀ. FRA REALITY TV, SOCIAL MEDIA E STORYTELLING” (ROME-BARI 2018).





Nicola Bigi is the President and Co-Founder of Tiwi, a studio specialized in the production of creative contents for the Internet and for the television. Bigi also has a PhD in Semiotics at the University of Bologna and was a researcher at the UCLA University in Los Angeles.





Rossella Scialla ennesima giuira menzione verità festival filosofia


Rossella Scialla graduated in Philosophy with a dissertation on the “Bovarism” and with a study on the notion of Identity in philosophy, movies and literature. She worked as Assistant Director at Cinema San Marco in Caserta during the filming of “Falchi” – a movie directed by Toni D’Angelo- and of “Veleno” – a movie directed by Diego Olivares. She is currently living in Torino where she teaches Communication Technologies and Techniques and writes film reviews for “Eco”, the local newspaper of Caserta, and for the blog “Fuori di Cinema”.





Again, Alexis Jacknow, USA, 11’ ITALIAN PREMIERE
Date Night, Stela Pelin, Romania, 17’, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Gray Umbrella, Mohammad Poustindouz, Iran, 9’
I’m your best friend, Ambroise Sabbagh & David Chausse, Francia, 3’
MamieBenoit Monney, Switzerland, 10’ ITALIAN PREMIERE
OMA, Daniella Rabbani, USA, 9’, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Paganos, Nikoloz Kobalava, Georgia, 9’
Process: Breath, Line Klungseth Johansen, Norvegia, 5’
Snack Bar, Christoph Eder & Jonas Eisenschmidt, Germania, 14’
Someone, Marco Gadge, Germania, 15’