This is not the Ennesimo festivalfilosofia


On Saturday 16th September, at 9 Crogiolo Marazzi, Thi si not the ‘Ennesimo festivalfilosofia! 


In the venue of Crogiolo Marrazzi, we will investigate the theme of the 2023 Philosophy Festival – Word – by watching the 6 films competing for the 2023 Ennesimo Philosophy Festival Mention. The films include 2 premieres (one Italian, one foreign) for a screening night where cinema will be experienced as a language, its essence. Film is an instrument for communication with its own vocabulary. It has lived through epochs without words and produced dialogues that are part of the common human culture, transcending national boundaries. The 6 competing short films explore how the use of words is fundamental to produce the outcome of one’s fate: from a shipwreck in the middle of the ocean to the relationship between father and son, passing through altered states of perception, telemarketing, and manipulative behaviours. Word always proves to be essential to life and its survival.
During the screening night, a selected jury will award the special mention of Ennesimo Film Festival.




Giorgia Serughetti
Giorgia Serughetti is a researcher in political philosophy at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Milan-Bicocca, where she is also a member of the steering committee of the “Public Reasoning and Global Society in Action” (PRAGSIA) research centre. She is a co-founder and member of the GRIPS network – Italian Research Group on Prostitution and Sex Work. She collaborates as an editorialist with the daily newspaper Domani.




Alessio Conti
A marketing strategist with a passion for philosophy, he collaborates with important brands and agencies. He also engages in personal branding and education. He serves as an advisor at the “Il Correggio Foundation” and as a co-organizer of TEDxReggioEmilia. With his project, “Digital Detox Design”, he has brought together businesses, artists, and designers around the theme of well-being in the digital age, creating events at Milan Design Week, Bologna, and Prague.




Maria Teresa Grillo
Born in Tropea in 1985, she has been a student of anthropology, a waitress, a housekeeper, the editor of a cultural blog, and an editor. Today, she works for Tiwi, a creative studio in Reggio







FUNDI by Rémi Parisse | FRANCE| 2023 | 10’

MAN TO MAN by Shehroze Khan | UK | 2022 | 19’

PLEASE HOLD ON THE LINE by Tan Ce Ding| MALAYSIA| 2022 | 19’

SANDSTORM by Seemab Gul PAKISTAN/UK  | 2021 | 20’

SCALE by Joseph Pierce FRANCE/UK | 2022 | 15’

THE SINGLE HORN by Mohammad Kamal Alavi IRAN | 2022 | 14’