In May 2018 Fiorano held the first short meeting, an event planned for the organisers of the various film festivals in Emilia-Romagna. This event was organised and promoted thanks to the collaboration and support of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission.

This is a great chance to get to know each other and create a network of contacts with the aim of meeting regularly and planning events during the screening days of the other participating Festivals. The following meetings after Fiorano were held every three months by each of the festivals participating in the project in order to allow the other organisers to take part as guests in the festivals and to observe them closely. Among the participants: Forlì with Sedicicorto, Piacenza with Concorto Film Festival, Rimini with Amarcort, Ferrara with Ferrara Film Festival, Reggio
with Estasia Film Festival.

These meetings offer the possibility to reflect on the relationship between cultural offer, public and promotion on the territory, in order to make Emilia-Romagna a region full of Cinema. They also offer a way to create a network and discuss many issues: from audience  engagement to the creation of the financial statements, and to the organization of side events.


In 2019 the joint project VisionER was born, whose administrative office is managed by Ennesimo.

So far 20 Festivals joined: Ce l’ho corto, Concorto Film Festival,  Nonantola Film Festival, Malatesta Short Film Festival, MovieBazzaFest, Parma Film Festival, Porretta Film Festival, Amarcort Film Festival, Bellaria Film Festival, Cinesogni, Sedicicorto Film Festival, Ibrida Festival, DocUnder30, Via Emilia Doc Fest, Reggio Film Festival, Soundscreen, Ferrara Film Festival, Zerotrenta, Terra di Tutti
Film Festival and EstAsia Film Festival. The project VisionER was presented among the activities of the Italian Festival Corner at  Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market (2019-2020) and at Torino Short
Film Market.